[UPDATED] Two Teens in Huntington Beach Found Dead Alongside Empty Can of Four Loko

UPDATE, JAN. 25, 9:41 A.M.: The victims have been identified as Aaron Saenz, 15, of Westminster, and Chelsea Taylor, 16, of Huntington Beach. Their bodies were found at an apartment in the 15500 block of Huntington Village Lane, LA Times reports.

ORIGINAL POST, JAN. 24, 4:21 P.M.: A 15-year-old male and a 16-year-old female were found dead inside a vacant Surf City apartment on Friday, the Huntington Beach Independent reports.  

Along with them? An empty can of Four Loko, the famed caffeine-spiked alcoholic beverage blamed for several deaths across the country and banned in several states. 

Last fall, the Chicago-based makers of Four Loko agreed to stop adding caffeine to the drink to comply with FDA regulators, who declared the stuff was unsafe.

Though it's been dubbed "Blackout In a Can" with 12 percent alcohol, it's tough to believe that just one of these suckers could cause the death of two teenagers. Officers found other indications of drug and alcohol use in the apartment, but no specifics were given, as the investigation is ongoing.


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