[UPDATED: Proposal Gets Voted Down] Huntington Beach Considers Posting DUI Offenders on Facebook (And No, You Can't Untag Yourself)

UPDATE, JAN. 18, 11:24 A.M.: Drunk drivers in Surf City will not be shamed--on Facebook, at least. Last night, the City Council voted down the recommendation to post mug shots of repeat DUI offenders on the social network, with council member Kevin Bohr saying the proposal "might be well-meaning, but it is misguided, misdirected. . . . It's the wrong tool at the wrong time." Arrest information is always available on the Huntington Beach Police Department's website

ORIGINAL ITEM, JAN. 13, 12:14 P.M.: In Huntington Beach, driving drunk can lead to unthinkable accidents, suspended licenses and now, if a recommendation is approved, public shame.

Facebook shame. 

Which we all know is the worst possible kind. 

You may want to defriend grandma now. 

City Councilman Devin Dwyer wants the Huntington Beach Police Department to move forward with a previously discussed humiliation tactic of posting information and photos of "habitual drunk drivers" on its Facebook page, reports O.C. Now. He made the recommendation at Monday's meeting, and the City Council is expected to vote on it next Monday.

Huntington Beach is really Facebook-happy these days, recently using the social network to help solve a 43-year-old mystery.


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