[UPDATED at Finish Line:] Charity Runner Who Began Cross-County Trip in Surf City Ends in NYC

UPDATE, AUG. 9, 12:08 P.M.: Despite that rock-throwing incident in Pennsylvania last week, Brit T. Mark Allison reached Coney Island just after 2 a.m. this morning to complete a 3,100-mile charity run that began May 1 in Huntington Beach.

He only missed his goal by two hours of reaching the fabled New York City neighborhood by Monday, Aug. 8. But any disappointment will be wiped out by the fact he lost what the British refer to as 5 stone, what others on the Metric system call 31 kilograms and what us Yanks would add up to be around 70 pounds in 100 days. Eat roadside gravel, Jenny Craig!

Allison tells BBC News he used to be an "18st obese Geordie who loved bacon sandwiches, football and pies", before becoming a charity runner. (The original post below explains what a Geordie is.) "The USA run brought [that] to a successful end."

But Allison is more pleased that he raised more than 55,000 British pounds sterling for The Children's Foundation and the St. Benedict's Hospice that cared for his late mother back home.

That's nearly $90,000 U.S. (sayeth the Google).

ORIGINAL POST, AUG. 4, 7:53 A.M.: Man, Pennsylvania, tough crowd!

A British fellow began a cross-country run May 1 in Huntington Beach to raise money for charities, including the hospice that cared for his mother while she died of lung cancer.

The run had begun with such promise, according to the Day 1 diary entry from Surf City.


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