[UPDATE: Kid Arrested!] Pot Story of the Year: Kid Takes Pot Brownie to School!

*See bottom of this post for an update.

Original Post, March 13, 8:27 a.m.: Sooner or later it had to happen: a kid gets his hands on a brownie, and not realizing it is laced with marijuana, he takes it to school and shares it with a bunch of his friends, all of whom become dizzy and sick to their stomachs, and begin to faint. School officials dial 911 and a fleet of police and fire vehicles arrive on campus, and ambulances haul the youths to the hospital so prompt medical attention can be provided to the unsuspecting victims of the nefarious medical edible. 

Actually, this has already happened--all over the country and as far away as Bangor, Maine. But it's also what almost went down yesterday at Pomona Elementary School in Costa Mesa, according to widespread media reports. I say almost, because apparently, the 10-year-old kid who brought the brownie to school knew it was laced with pot--and said as much to the seven kids after they each took a bite.

Costa Mesa Fire Department Deputy Chief Fred Seguin

told the Orange County Register

that none of the students knew the brownie contained marijuana until one of them asked the edible pot purveyor why it tasted so funny. "He asked him 'What is this?' and it was at that point the student said 'Oh, it's a brownie that has marijuana in it,' " The Reg quotes Seguin as saying.

But an ABC News report suggests at least some of the kids may have known the brownie was laced before they tasted it, quoting Seguin as saying that the kid who shared it was "pretty forthcoming" about its ingredients. 

All the kids were treated at Hoag Hospital and are okay. Except that school officials are now investigating the incident and determining what disciplinary actions the kids will face. 

*Update, March 19, 1:15 p.m.: A hat tip to Voice Media Group's informative Toke of the Town blog for alerting me to a follow up on this story: "On Friday, March 15, 2013, the proverbial other shoe dropped, as the 12-year old boy who brought the brownie was arrested." According to TOTT, the kid, who was released to his parents' custody, had "additional pot" in his backpack, although it isn't clear if it was the edible or smokeable variety. Said kid was also apparently expelled from Pomona Elementary School. 

"Police, of course, are investigating where the kid got the brownie - a trail that can only lead back to a parent or some other "responsible" adult," TOTT adds. " Either way, just as one's guns need to be safely locked away and out of the reach of children, so too must parents keep pot brownies out of curious hands. If the investigation reveals that the child had access to pot, even inadvertently, then not only the police, but also Child Protective Services, could become involved."

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