[UPDATE: Council Repeals Ban Today] LA To Keep Cracking Down on Pot Clubs, City Attorney Says

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Original Post, Sept. 18, 2012, 1 p.m.: The City of Angels will continue its crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries, the city attorney says, despite yesterday's news that pot backers have gathered enough signatures to force a vote on LA's ban on cannabis clubs. The announcement is just the latest development in our northern neighbor's back and forth dance over medical marijuana ever since city officials suddenly woke up and realized that the entire Venice boardwalk had been taken over by hot chicks in nurses uniforms handing out discounts on doctor recommendations.

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Seeking to control pot clubs in LA, the city originally enacted a moratorium against new dispensaries in 2007, but two months ago enacted a new ordinance banning the sale of marijuana while allowing groups of three or fewer people to collectively grow and share cannabis.

It's unclear how city officials plan to proceed. The LA Times is reporting that their options include repealing the ban or allowing voters to decide what to do by either calling for a special election or placing the measure on the March 5, 2013 ballot. One thing that isn't likely is seeing all the clubs operating in LA--there are hundreds of them--shutting down anytime soon, although were that to happen, folks can always head on down to OC to get their meds before our crackdown wraps up.

Update, Oct 2:30 p.m.: During a closed-session meeting today, the L.A. City Council voted 11-2 to repeal its ban on marijuana collectives, rather than allowing voters to decide on whether to legalize dispensaries. But whether this vote will keep the pot clubs open depends on how determined the DEA is when it comes to raiding them and threatening their landlords, so the matter is far from resolved. Nevertheless, medical marijuana activists are celebrating. 

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