Underwear-Wearin' Chapman U Students Don't Know Their Traditions

The Orange County Register has a cute story today about Chapman University's Undie Run (along with THIRTY-THREE pictures of hot co-eds--isn't the Weekly supposed to be OC's version of LA XPress?), and forgive this old Panther (Chapman '01) if he alternately laughs and ogles.
"This has been a tradition for many years now, doing the Undie Run," one undergrad told reporter Eugene Fields, and another student said the same. "Tradition"? "Many years"? Um, I graduated in 2001, which was a couple of years ago, and there was no Undie Run then. UCLA's much-larger, more-famous Undie Run started theirs in 2002; Chapmans students ripped it off a couple of years later, if memory serves me correct--and even if it did, it's still doesn't qualify as "many years" and definitely not a tradition.

You want Chapman traditions, o nubile students? How about that lawn in front of Memorial Hall that so many of you frolicked on? Used to be called the Sunken Lawn, was there for decades, until school administrators filled it up around 2001 so they could better host fundraisers there? How about the Global Citizen program? For years, freshman had to take such a course, one of the school's last remainders of its traditionally liberal education before Jim Doti and George Argyros hijacked the school and sold its soul to the OC GOP. Chapman axed the Global Citizen class a couple years back. How about the small-school environment. Chapman was around for a good century and did okay before the blitz of buildings with the names of donors occurred. I can go on, but I won't--point is, "tradition" and "Chapman" go like "OC Republicans" and "principles."


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