UCI Seminar Examines Fallout from Afghanistan War on Public Health Here

The effects of the war in Afghanistan on that country's inhabitants, the U.S. military and geopolitics have been kicked around plenty but what about the cost to America's public health system?

That topic gets its due through a UC Irvine seminar surrounding the war's 10th anniversary.

It's available for viewing on UCI's OpenCourseWare site.

In the seminar, UCI Public Health program lecturer Pauline Lubens addresses how the war has affected U.S. citizens and the many ramifications veterans face upon returning home from war, including physical disability, mental health issues, substance abuse, suicide, community violence and other crimes that may affect families and their communities.

"The impact of war can extend well beyond the wounded veteran and affect families and communities," reads the OpenCourseWare site.

Besides lecturing on public health, Lubens is an award-winning photojournalist and twice a Pulitzer Prize finalist, according to a university statement.

Speaking of awards, the Internet Marketing Association recently honored UCI OpenCourseWare with its "Best Website Content" award.


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