Sweaty Dick
Sweaty Dick

Tricky Dick Nixon Quote of the Week!

Sweaty Dick
Sweaty Dick

"Think about it. I am not a Nixon loyalist. I am not even a Republican. I am gay. I am from Canada. I was 12 years old when Richard Nixon resigned."

--Timonty Naftali, director of Orange County's Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, in a recent New York Times story about a feud at the museum on how to present the Watergate scandal to visitors.

Nixon loyalists downplay the 37th president's crimes to common traffic infractions while they order the early bird special. 

Among other offenses, this delusional president authorized burglaries and illegal surveillance of political critics while sitting in the Oval Office.

Naftali, a Cold War expert and well-respected historian who has taught at Yale, doesn't want to lie. The OC blue hairs are ready to throw their knitting needles at him and Nixon must be rolling over in his grave just by his presence. Thus, he is worthy of many awards.

But a struggle is underway, reports Adam Nagourney, one of this country's premier political journalists.

--R. Scott Moxley/OC Weekly


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