Time to Give Santa Ana's Mayor a Nickname!

Today, bad-ass Los Angeles Times reporter Jennifer Delson writes about the idiotic Measure D, the SanTana ballot measure that would extend city council term limits from eight years to 12 years. She reveals that Measure D originally started as an attempt by residents and councilmembers to install term limits for the mayor's seat, but eventually devolved into another power-grab by loony SanTana councilmembers--scratch that. Let's turn it over to Jennifer:

[Councilmember Sal] Tinajero said two recent Santa Ana City Council votes that would have limited the mayor's time in office failed. [Current Mayor Miguel] Pulido fought two previous efforts to bring mayoral term limits before voters.

This is enough. When I last truly covered SanTana politics, I named my series of articles "Notes from the Banana Republic" because of its wacky cast--former SanTana Unified School District trustee Nativo Lopez, current trustee (and homophobe) Rosemarie Avila, hysterical principals, Christian cabals, and so much more. The only constant? Pulido, who is increasingly taking on the trappings of a mestizo autocrat, like his pal Evo Morales.

And so, gentle readers: polling time!

Polls close Friday night--whichever choice wins is the name we'll use to call Pulido from now on in this blog! And if you have a better one, leave it below!

*Hat tip, btw, to Orange Juice! and its wonderfully imaginative/slanderous commentators, who have deemed councilmembers Claudia Alvarez "Clownia," David Benavides "Benapuppet," racist SanTana activists "The Usual Suspects," and Carlos Bustamante "The Space Commander."


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