Throw Out Your Constitution Book, Kiddies [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

Welcome back to school, kiddies! For this week's Orange Feathers, reporter/photographer/illustrator extraordinaire Scott Feinblatt takes on what schoolchildren should expect this year. Take it away, Scott!

The controversies surrounding Trump's presidency started long before the demagogue/crooked businessman / son-of-a-klansman took the office. However, since he has been the 45th president, he has generated plenty of his own controversy by spouting lies (inauguration attendance numbers, wiretap allegations, labeling of Russian ties as Democratic conspiracy, etc.), stacking his cabinet with family members, maintaining conflicting business interests, etc. But despite his multitude of unpresidential actions, his open disdain for the republic is an affront to the Constitution. When his travel ban was challenged as being unconstitutional, he questioned the authority of the judiciary. Now, with his recent presidential pardon of convicted criminal, former Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ, Joe Arpaio, the president has made plain his indifference to the rule of law — not because he pardoned a man who had been found guilty of racial profiling, but because he pardoned a man who had also been convicted of criminal contempt of court, which demonstrates Arpaio's own disdain for the rule of the law, which, as a sheriff, is as defiant to the law as it gets. The facts that Arpaio has been a champion for Trump and has shown no remorse for his defiance of the court's order — as well as the facts that this pardon was performed during a time of heightened racial tensions and in the midst of a news dump in the shadow of Hurricane Harvey — demonstrate that Trump doesn't care about law and order when his supporters, his brand, and, ipso facto, his profits are at stake.

BOOM. Oh, and #fucktrump


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