This Just In: Rohrabacher Will Not Sing "Kumbaya" With Obama


Barack Obama

's conciliatory, olive-branch-loaded, let's-all-work-together-for-the-sake-of-America State of the Union speech before both houses of Congress Tuesday evening failed to sway Representative

Dana Rohrabacher


"You think that us sitting together and singing 'Kumbaya' is going to change things?" spat the Mouth That Rohrabachered.

His blatherings are captured in a Long Beach Press-Telegram roundup of reactions to the speech by area legislators. Naturally, Representatives Laura Richardson (D-Long Beach) and Linda Sanchez (D-Lakewood) praise the address.

Just as naturally, Republican Rohrabacher, whose Huntington Beach-based congressional district gerrymanders its way through red neighborhoods in the LBC and South Bay, damns the same speech, accusing Obama of passing himself off as something different from what he has been the past two years to "blur the distinction" between himself and Republicans who just swept November's elections.

"Could this be the man," he asks "that just put us into massive debt and increased the spending of the federal government and the control and bureaucracy of federal government?"

Wait, when did this become about George W. Bush?


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