The Weather Channel Produces a Reality Show Starring OC Lifeguards

​Here in SoCal, unless you're a huge weather nerd or have family where there's actually weather, our wild guess is that you're not an avid watcher of The Weather Channel.  
Seems that producers are hoping to change that. In an effort to boost its viewership, the channel has ventured into the great abyss we love (and love to hate): reality TV. 

A new series called Lifeguard! follows the men and women who guard the Southern California coastline. But don't expect blondes in red bathing suits bobbling on the sand in slow motion. The show seems pretty Cops-esque, chronicling the dangers that lifeguards face every day. 
Lifeguard! debuts on The Weather Channel on Thursday, Feb. 23 at 9 p.m. See a sneak peek here: 

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