The Snowballing Don't Stop

More from the gift that keeps on giving. This time, it's an e-mail Michael Scott "Wanted in Arizona on a Child Support Arrest Warrant" Kerr sent yesterday to participants of the Snowball Success:

From: Sent: Thursday, December 21, 2006 12:54 PM Subject: Help!

Hi everyone,

There are three reporters and two individuals who want nothing more than to destroy the Snowball Express and particularly destroy my wife and I.

We would appreciate it if you would send them your feelings about the Snowball Express, what it meant to your family and that you stand behind Jeannie, myself and the Snowball Express team.

Their emails are listed below. Please copy on each comment.

Also any editors at NPR Radio, Orange County Register, Orange CA or LA Times would be appreciated. Thank you and God Bless all. Have a wonderful Holiday and see you next year if not sooner.

Best regards,

Michael Kerr Founder

The Berkes in question is NPR national correspondent Howard Berkes, who put the nail to the Kerr story last week in an NPR online exclusive. The Sharon in question is Orange County Register reporter Keith Sharon, who snowballed (in porno parlance) Kerr's story last Saturday. No mention of the Weekly, which kick-started this damn scandal in the first place.

We don't know if Sharon, Rivenberg and Berkes are working on more stories, but you know times must be bumming for Kerr if he has to resort to having war widows harrass reporters who merely reported the facts. Stay tuned, but in the meanwhile, click on your right for our previous Snowball Express coverage!


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