The Real Nurses of Orange County: Vicki Gunvalson Daughter Not a Bitch!

How'd you spend your New Year's Eve? Mine began in the emergency room, accompanying my chica who was suffering from a bad case of food poisoning from a restaurant I shan't reveal. She's okay now, but was pretty bad for a while. At one point, she asked the nice nurse attending us that her face seemed familiar? Was she a regular at a restaurant we haunt? Perhaps the nurse had shopped at my chica's store?

Finally, the nurse fessed up. "I came out on some dumb television show," she told us while hooking an IV into my chica's arm. "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

Neither of us recognized her--we're more fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, to tell ustedes the truth. But I remembered her name, Briana Wolfsmith, and Googled her once we got home. It turns out she's the daughter of Vicki Gunvalson, by far the worst Housewife on the program. And then I remembered one of the few episodes I saw of the series, where Vicki was having an argument with Briana over some Vicki selfishness. Gunvalson is a total bitch, but her daughter? The epitome of class, everything a good nurse is, and definitely someone who hasn't let quasi-fame get to her head--after all, in this world, we all eventually need to have our bedpans changed or some profound statement like that.


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