The Incredible Bravery of Hugh Hewitt

How brave is our boy Hugh Hewitt, the talk radio blatherer/lawyer/pundit/Nixon fetishist/blogger/moralizer/George W. Bush worshiper/professional Vermont boycotter? Brave enough to take the GWOT (Global War on Terrorism-- though the Bush administration may have changed the brand name by now) to the terrorists? Hell, yeah! Has he parachuted into Iraq, to administer some Rambo-style justice to the evil doers? Nope. Is he charging up a mountain in Afghanistan, to mow down the Taliban? Wrong again. Is he on donkey-back in the tribal areas of Pakistan, in hot pursuit of the elusive Osama? No, no, no. He's visiting New York, a considerable act of bravery, one only undertaken by heroes like Hugh,or... say, your grandmother when she wants to see the lastest Andrew Lloyd Weber muscial. Jonathan Miller at Blogoland chronicles Hugh's daring. (via Atrios)

Hugh Hewitt, our favorite unintentional radio comedian.


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