See no Kai Chen.
See no Kai Chen.

The Daily Show Snubs Anti-Commie Chinese Activist Kai Chen

This post mentioned how cameras from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart were going to be at Thursday night's Hacienda La Puente Unified School District Board of Education meeting, where activists planned to protest a "Confucius Classroom" coming to a middle school.

Kai Chen, the Chinese-American activist who claims Confucius Classrooms are a front for a Communist Chinese government bent on warping young American minds--believed he would be interviewed for The Daily Show piece.

But in an email to the Weekly, Chen--who first came to our attention last September when he organized demonstrations over the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum's Mao Tse-Tung statue--says he was snubbed by Comedy Central's fake newscast.

"After I made my speech, wearing my Olympic Freedom T-shirt, The Daily Show crew avoided me," Chen writes. "Another TV crew from a Japanese TV station interviewed me."

He suspects Stewart's band of merry mischief-makers "could not find anything in me they can make fun of," so they turned to others to interview, including the district's former superintendent.

"They recorded my speech," Chen writes, "but I doubt they will air it."

Chin up, Chen, there's always Colbert.


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