The Convenient Racialist

It seems a week doesn't go by that David Duke's favorite local writer, Martin H. Millard, doesn't rail about Latino criminals in Costa Mesa on his blog. "The real and present danger in Costa Mesa is from Latino gangs who have a strong connection with illegal aliens, the slums and some non-profits," Millard wrote just yesterday. "That's the reality folks, no matter how many neurotic lefties try to deny it."

Oh, really? What are the two gangs the federal government has vigorously prosecuted in this decade? PEN1 and the Nazi Lowriders. And has Millard ever so much as mentioned them? Does a racialist ever attack his own people?

In other news, a Costa Mesa white man was arrested for storing weapons--we only mention his race to show Millard criminality spans the people, an accepted part of sociology by everyone except pendejos.


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