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Enough, enough, I say, to those who are chastizing various local GOP bloggers and GOP blog responders over their inadequacies and mealy mouthedness when it comes to calling out the racists and racism swirling around doomed congressional candidate Tan Nguyen. First, you left fielders criticize Republifucks for going all Three Blind Mice to the racism right in front of them every day forever and ever in these United States. Then, when they join you in piling on Tan, you mock their lack of finesse, ability, experience. Isn't it enough that everyone's on the same page for a change? (Well, everyone but the Mexican haters, of course.) When's the last time in this country that both sides could agree on something? Okay, other than Clay Aiken's obvious gayness.

We must say, however, it is refreshing to hear some on the right telling others on the right that if they are against Tan, they are obviously for incumbent Democrat Loretta Sanchez. Nothing could be farther from the truth—just like you can be against that effin' war in Iraq AND for the troops AND against terrorism.


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