"Orange County" star
"Orange County" star

Sundance Report: Sitting on a Bus With Colin Hanks

From a Friday morning plane ride to Salt Lake City with Todd Lowe to a Saturday afternoon bus ride through Park City with Colin Hanks. Since it's a confirmed fact everything happens in threes, one wonders what the next mode of transportation/young star combo will be at the Sundance Film Festival. Sharing a taxi with Emily Blunt? Helping to change a flat on James Franco's rented pickup? Snuggling with Jonah Hill on a sleigh ride down Main Street?

Mere after his dad appeared on that last Tonight Show with Co-Co, the star of Orange County was sitting directly behind the star of OC Weekly, the later being such a huge star that he would step off the bus only to get barred from entering a screening of the Allen Ginsberg biopic (starring Franco) Howl.

Before the Great Snub of This or Any Sundance Film Festival, a older woman with Carole King hair in the Hanks party of three reminded him that he needed to get warmer socks. When he asked while texting what they should do later in the day, she suggested lunch with Ari. That could have been a reference to Hollywood super agent Ari Emanuel. Probably not Ari Fleischer.

The theater loop bus hits all the makeshift cinema centers screening the various Sundance pictures, and Hanks is apparently such a veteran of the system that he helped a young lady sitting across from him find her stop. What a mensch.

Hanks was likely in town to help promote HIGH School, a comedy from director John Stalberg Jr. about a straight-arrow valedictorian who tries ganga for the first time just before his smarmy high school principal institutes a zero-tolerance policy for marijuana. With his college scholarship hanging in the balance, the teen begrudgingly teams up with a pothead to get the whole school stoned. Adrien Brody, Michael Chiklis, Matt Bush and Sean Marquette round out the cast.



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