Steven Seagal Sexual Harassment Suit Tossed; Are You Listening, A&E?

As you well know, Clockwork has declared Steven Seagal Lawman "the Greatest, Best TV Show God Ever Gave Man" and blogged incessantly about the A&E reality show.

When we discovered filming of the show had been suspended because of a sexual harassment allegation against the burly martial arts master out of Fullerton and Buena Park High School, it was like a meaty-thighed swift kick to the nut sack.

So, you can imagine our giddiness upon hearing the latest news.

The $1 million lawsuit filed by Seagal's former assistant has been tossed like a featherweight movie stuntman.

KPCC has the dirty details.

Kayden Nguyen had claimed Seagal forced her to stay in a Louisiana home and repeatedly fondled her. She also originally mentioned something about having replaced two Russian hookers.

Seagal denied the allegations through his attorneys, which had been trying to resolve the case through private arbitration.

The revelation that a Los Angeles judge dismissed the case turned up in court documents. Neither side is squawking.

So, the obvious question is, are you listening, A&E?


"No word yet on whether the network plans to resume the show," reports the Hollywood Reporter.

Please, please, please don't leave us hanging after one splendid, eye-opening, faith-restoring season!

In the meantime, watch Seagal bring sexy back and . . .

. . . see he's got hoes:


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