Start the Prop 8 Revolution Without Me

A Republican official in Iowa--where gay marriage has been legal since April 3, 2009--has come up with a solution for Californians upset by the overturning of Prop 8:

Start a revolution.

The Iowa Independent gets the scoop.

San Francisco-based Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn R. Walker, who last week overturned  the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage because it violated the U.S. Constitution, "seems to think he is a king, and further thinks he has the authority to ignore the will of the people," said Kim Lehman, one of three Iowans on the Republican National Committee.

There is, she added, but one response to this sort of "tyranny":

"I believe the proper response is to do what the founders did in the Declaration of Independence, that after many attempts to reason with the King of England with no success, decided to withdraw from England and its force of laws without representation--which they defined as tyranny," Lehman said in response to a Christian radio host.

Judges who believe "their power is greater than the will of the people" will, she said, "be faced with a revolution against a government who has abandoned the rule of law and its own people."

"We must reject the outlaw acts of judges who act outside the power of the people," she said. "Iowa is no different--we must be allowed to decide our laws and the courts have no jurisdiction over the will of the people nor does the federal government have the powers it is asserting against the states. We must educate the people of their God-given liberties and the rule of law."

Several other Buckeye Hawkeye State Republican officials who responded to the radio host suggested merely ignoring rulings like Walker's.

Lehman was the lone ranger among them advocating revolution, reports the Iowa Independent.


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