Stanton City Council Still Trying to Figure Out How to Make Stanton Cool

Stanton City Council Still Trying to Figure Out How to Make Stanton Cool

Poor Stanton. It's the only city in OC that has a worse reputation than SanTana, having been the butt of politician jokes ever since Anaheim tried to turn it into its sewage farm almost 100 years ago. Any coverage it receives is almost universally negative--and that's if Stanton ever gets covered in the first place. I think the last time we ever covered the city in earnest was back in 2006, when we used the city as an example of the coming housing crisis that destroyed us all.

Poor Stanton. Well, the city's going to try to become cool for the umpteenth time thanks to those hep cats at the City Council.

Last week, they unanimously passed a 2013 Strategic Plan that explicitly sets a goal to improve the city's image, per the Garden Grove Journal (see how much attention we pay to Stanton? This article appeared a week ago, and Stanton is so low on our priorities that we're just getting to this story now). The most telling quote came from councilmember Al Ethan, who's quoted as saying, "A few years ago I raised the idea of changing the city's name. That went belly-up, but it got a lot of attention. Changing people's idea about Stanton ... that's going to take an effort. I don't know how that can happen."

See how much attention we pay to Stanton? Ethan's effort to change Stanton's name (to what? New Stanton? Stantonia? Ladera Ranch North?) didn't even register in the local media. Poor Stanton...but hey: at least you're cooler than lame-ass Aliso Viejo.

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