Bishop Brown: Does he take his lattes extra-frothy?
Bishop Brown: Does he take his lattes extra-frothy?

Since When did the OC Register Take Writing Lessons from the Diocese of Orange?

Ever since the Catholic Diocese of Orange has employed boy-diddlers and girl-rapists, the official party line has always been this, a party line swallowed whole by its apologists: when it came to teenagers molested by its employees, it wasn't rape--it was a relationship. That's the shit diocesan lawyers and the rest of Bishop Tod D. Brown's flunkies used against the victims of Jeff Andrade, Eleuterio Ramos, Michael Harris, Tom Hodgman, and all of its pedophiles.

I guess Brownie is now the writing-style editor at the Orange County Register. Not only did reporter Jon Cassidy reveal a sex-abuse victim's name without their permission in a story published yesterday (the victim was molested while working at Starbucks as a 16-year-old), not only did Cassidy not speak to the victim's lawyer (Newport Beach-based John Manly, who has given the Orange diocese holy hell and likes the media spotlight like Brownie likes purple), but then Cassidy had the audacity to refer to the victim's ordeal as a "sexual relationship." Never mind that it's illegal in the state of California to have sex with anyone under 18. Never mind that the victim's perpetrator spent nearly six months in jail for his statutory rape. And never mind that the pervert was the victim's superior and plied her with drugs. According to Cassidy, it's a relationship.


Hey, Jon: are you taking advice from Peter Callahan, too? Sorry, but what happened between the victim and her perp wasn't a relationship, IT WAS RAPE. Consensual relationships don't involve prison time, amigo. What a world we live in, where the Reg is copying the victim-sliming philosophy of the Orange diocese. Heckuva job, Brownie!


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