Silent Protest Against Turkey's Armenian Genocide Denial Campaign to Happen Tomorrow at UC Irvine

Earlier this week, the French Senate passed a resolution making it a crime in France to deny the Armenian genocide, a historical reality accepted by everyone except the Republic of Turkey and many of its citizens. As a result, many Turkish-American organizations in this country are already blasting the French government for kowtowing to what they claim is whiny Armenian propaganda, a vile stance if ever there was one. For instance, the Assembly of Turkish American Associations, headed by Coto de Caza resident Ergun Kirlikovali, just issued this press release that stated, in part, "Genocide is a criminal charge, which a legislature must defer to the judiciary and executive in foreign affairs"--and then accuses France of committing genocide against Algerians. Um, yeah...

Because of idiots like Kirlikovali, the Confederation of All-Armenian Students Associations will hold silent protests at campuses across California in protest of such denialists. "On the heels of the passage of legislation criminalizing Armenian Genocide denial in the French Senate, we demand that the government of the United States, like France, can stand up to empty political bullying from Turkey and properly condemn the Armenian Genocide," reads a press release. "The United States, following the French example, should continue the fight against genocide denial and reject Turkey's gag rule."

The local protest will happen at the flagpoles at UC Irvine, near Langson Library, and go from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. I do believe UCI has more Turkish than Armenian students, so it should be a blast. See you there!


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