Set Your Phasers for Postponed: "An Evening With Leonard Nimoy" at Carpenter Center

It was neither V'Ger, Klingons nor Ricardo Montalban who brought down Mr. Spock this time.

After the jump, find out why Saturday's "An Evening With Leonard Nimoy" at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center on the campus of Cal State Long Beach has been postponed.

Leonard Nimoy will not appear tomorrow evening, October 23, 2010 at 8 p.m., at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center. He has had emergency surgery for a minor, benign, abdominal condition and is recovering beautifully. We are working to reschedule the performance. Ticket holders will be informed as soon as details are confirmed. Updates will be posted on the Leonard Nimoy page at

Susan Bay Nimoy extends her thanks to everyone for their get-well wishes.

Tickets for the "intimate evening of insight into one of film and television's greatest icons," an award-winning actor, director, poet and photographer, and who Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry considered "the conscience" of his show, were $65.

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