Sergio Camacho Gonzalez Faces Trial in Murder of Fellow Homeless Man Hit in Head with Wood

Trial is scheduled to begin today for a homeless man accused of murdering another homeless man by conking him on the head with a piece of wood.

Sergio Camacho Gonzalez, 39, is charged with felony murder with a sentencing enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon that could fetch him up to 26 years to life in state prison with a conviction.

Fullerton Police officers were called Sept. 27, 2010, about a man down in an alley in an industrial area between Brookhurst Road and Gilbert Street, in the 1800 block of West Commonwealth Avenue. Portland, Oregon, native Andrew Petrusiak, 56, who was also known as Andrew Pieatrucat, was already dead, having taken blows from a blunt object to the head.

Andrew Pieatrucat, 2010 OC Homicide No. 45: Conked in Head in Alley

An Orange County District Attorney's office trial statement claims the homeless men had gotten into a verbal argument behind a Fullerton liquor store earlier in the evening before Petrusiak returned to his campsite behind a nearby business complex. Gonzalez is accused of showing up about a half hour later with the lumber he used to strike Petrusiak in the back of the head. Prosecutor Stephen McGreevy will likely show video surveillance evidence of Gonzalez entering the campsite and leaving four minutes later.

Gonzalez was suspected early on, but police had a hard time finding him because he had no known address and was trying to not be found, according to authorities who at the time credited an anonymous tip with leading investigators to an area near Lincoln Boulevard in Anaheim, which is where Gonzalez was arrested on March 23, 2011.

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