Here comes the ride.
Here comes the ride.
Photo by flickr user Panteliz Photography

See If You Can Spot the Surprise Near the Surfer at Lower Trestles Break (Rhymes with "Chark")

Check out the following, very, very, very short video and see if you can spot the surprise in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Aarron Salas of the YouTube surfboard review channel "Surf Show and Tell" caught the glimpse of a probable shark fin at Lower Trestles off San Clemente on Monday. Though we only see one oblivious surfer here, Salas says there was actually "a huge lineup of more than 30 guys and even children in the water" at the time.

"Shockingly enough no surfers were hurt and not one noticed it," adds Salas.

A state parks spokeswoman said she was unaware of any beach closures at San Onofre State Beach as a result of the sighting.

Salas notes the water has remained surprisingly warm for this time of the year and, just like anglers, those wading in the surf have spotted many fish and mammals in places off the Orange Coast where you don't normally expect to see them.

"The ocean is a playground with lots of surprises," he points out.

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