Santa Ana Gentrifiers to Rename Former Fiesta Marketplace "East End Promenade"--HA!

Santa Ana Gentrifiers to Rename Former Fiesta Marketplace "East End Promenade"--HA!

Hipsters, gentrifiers, and their enablers are so predictable in their schemes, it would be laughable if they weren't so pathetic. And one of their most-cherished steps is trying to rename an area to suite whatever promotional needs they may need, even if such names fly in the face of logic or history. Who can forget, for instance, the attempt by some residents of the Santiago Lofts in SanTana to rename the historic Logan barrio near them NoLo? Smarter heads prevailed, and the Logan barrio remains until the city's long-promised Station District gets built.

Much more successful are the Brave New Urbanists currently driving out every last vestige of downtown SanTana's Mexican reality. Now, they have a hard-on for Fourth Street, long the commercial and cultural heart of Latino OC, anchored by a collection of businesses known as the Fiesta Marketplace. Not anymore.

The Fiesta is over...
The Fiesta is over...

Andrew Galvin at the Orange County Register reported on Friday on how the owners of most of the buildings there, Irv (father) and Ryan (son) Chase, have now decided to drop the Fiesta Marketplace name and rebrand the one-block area the "East End." Ryan told Galvin that the signs advertising the Fiesta Marketplace would come down soon--and it was fast, as the above shot was sent to us yesterday morning.

Man, in the name of douche-y hipster renaming attempts, like trying to call the areas of Silver Lake and Echo Park the Eastside of Los Angeles, calling this slice of SanTana the "East End" stands as perhaps the douchiest of them all. East, exactly, of what? Putting such a lofty direction in your name gives the impression the area is part of a vast urban landscape--but this so-called East End is east of nothing. The entirety of the newly hip downtown SanTana--from the Crosby on Broadway to Eibar Coffee on French--spans exactly five streets, which encompasses only a couple of blocks, if that. It's just more of the Gloria Swanson-esque madness that afflicts SanTana's city fathers and their hipster sycophants so.

In one way, however, this East End appellation is appropriate given its shared destiny with perhaps the most prominent East End, that of London. London's East End was historically the dumping point for the city's immigrants, who flustered the city fathers with their ethnic ways. It's now undergoing its own gentrification efforts in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics, and you know we're in trouble when we try to ape the Brits on ANYTHING...

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