Akan: no smoking after rape
Akan: no smoking after rape

San Clemente Resident Convicted of Pittsburgh PA Rape

A former San Clemente resident was found guilty this month of rape, burglary and making terrorist threats in Pittsburgh, PA.

In Sept. 2010, Akaninyene Efiong Akan--a mechanical engineer originally from Nigeria--climbed into a woman's apartment window, spit in her mouth, promised to kill her if she contacted police and raped her, according to reports in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Akan, 30, isn't too bright or has an uncontrollable smoking habit. He left his DNA on a discarded cigarette butt at the scene of the rape. He might as well have left his driver's license for police detectives.

After the crimes, Akan moved to Orange County but was eventually apprehended by a fugitive task force that extradited him back to Pennsylvania.

He also faces rape charges in a second Pittsburgh case.

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