Robert Rizzo, Facing Trial for Fleecing Bell, Sues City for Back Pay

Now that he's sold his Huntington Beach home, there is really no local angle for your favorite OC-based alt. weekly to comment on Bell's disgraced former city administrator Robert Rizzo.

But we just couldn't resist this latest tidbit involving Jabba the Corrupt.

Consider this our parting shot.

Facing trial for conflict-of-interest, misappropriation of public funds, and hiding and falsifying official records related to the $1.5 million in total compensation he received annually from the tiny Los Angeles County city, Rizzo is now suing Bell for back pay.

When Rizzo's corruption was exposed to the public last year and he stopped showing up at City Hall as the media and torch-carrying mobs descended upon it, the city of Bell stopped paying him. Rizzo's lawsuit calls that a breach of contract, as he never resigned and has not been convicted of a felony.


Rizzo's legal papers claim he's owed wages and benefits--with interest--and all the pork rinds he can eat for life. Okay, that last one is made up.

Hog Boss pleaded not guilty to orchestrating a scheme to loot more than $6 million from Bell's treasury. See:


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