Morey: Living the high life
Morey: Living the high life

Robert Morey, Controversial Pastor Who Left OC, Now Owner of $500K Las Vegas Luxury Condo

We haven't written about Robert Morey--the controversial pastor who claimed that Al Qaeda had sneaked dirty bombs into the United States, who printed incredibly offensive comics of Mohammed, who was an all-around charlatan--since 2009, when he announced his retirement and left his Irvine church, Faith Defenders, hanging. He still runs the website, but his former nonprofits are no longer listed with the IRS even though Morey is still begging for donations to a P.O. Box in Pennsylvania, the state he told congregants he was "retiring" to.

But what Morey didn't tell believers was that he would retire into the high life. The Weekly has learned that late last year, Morey's family trust bought a luxury condo in an exclusive tower in Las Vegas. How exclusive? Try $500K exclusive.

Records on file with the Clark County Assessor's Office obtained by the Weekly show that in August of last year, the Robert and Ann Morey Family Trust (Ann being Robert's late wife) bought a condo at Turnberry Towers, a luxury high-rise just off the Strip. And not just any condo: it's 2,805 square feet, with three bedrooms and three full bathrooms--what the Turnberry folks call...why, it's so fancy it's not even listed as an option on their web page! It was assessed last year as being worth $490,206.

Reports also claim Morey has been seen living the good life in Sin City--but you'll have to wait a bit longer for that great piece of info...

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