The Rev. Bud Green appeared on Hot Seat with Wally George multiple times.
The Rev. Bud Green appeared on Hot Seat with Wally George multiple times.
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Rev. Bud Green of Guest of Wally George Fame Takes Credit for White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge

A man who once told Wally George in his Anaheim TV studio that Nancy Reagan smoked pot is now telling a whopper on the East Coast: that he was the one who replaced American flags with bleached white versions of Old Glory.

Here Lies Wally George: The story of the father of combat TV as told by female wrestlers, punk rockers and a furniture-throwing pacifist

The Reverend Bud Green of the People Opposing Tyranny Party (POT Party ... get it?) makes the claim on his blog:

Hello my fellow herb worshippers and revolutionaries. I can finally reveal that it was members of the New Pot Party that put up the bleached White Flags in NY that the whole country is talking about. The Flags symbolize the need for the new Pledge of No Allegiance that the Rev. Bud Green and the Pot Party revealed to the Public on the Fourth of July. On the night of July 22, brave members of the Pot Party and supporters of my candidacy for Prez in 2016 courageously climbed up and put up the new bleached flags. The original plan was then to replace the bleached flags with 2 new flags but the fascist police prevented us from doing it with their constant surveillance. The 2 new flags were gonna be the Pot Party flag which is a marijuana leaf with the revolutionary slogan Don't Tread on Me to symbolize the beginning of a new American Revolution to be led by Pot Party Supporters.

Alas, New York Magazine thinks the righteous reverend is fibbing, noting he could not come up with "the names of the people who did the heavy lifting."

Obviously, New York Magazine hasn't heard what Rev. Green's buds do to short-term memory.

Speaking of tripping, let's trip down memory lane to that aforementioned appearance with WAH-LEE WAH-LEE WAH-LEE:

Damn, the reverend hasn't aged, it really is a wonder drug!

(BONUS TIME TRIPPING: The time Wally told me he should punch me in the nose, as reported in the long-dead, nearly loved A Clockwork Orange.)

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