Campbell pulling a Nostradamus
Campbell pulling a Nostradamus

Rep. John Campbell: USA Close To 'Collapse'

Despite $38 billion in federal budget cuts last night, Orange County Congressman John Campbell told Fox News on Saturday morning that the United States soon faces a financial doomsday.

"Really big changes are needed" to future federal government spending habits or, "We are going to collapse in two to five years," predicted Campbell, who sought $100 billion in cuts to the present budget.

Such rhetoric might cause you to believe that the Irvine Republican is critical of the deal House Speaker John Boehner struck with President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats, but that's not the case.

"I don't think John Boehner sold out at all," Campbell said.

Given how much Democrats caved to GOP spending cut pressure, he does think that Boehner should have started negotiations with Obama by demanding much larger cuts.

"But we have to get what we can get," Campbell said, noting that Republicans control only one branch of the government and can't impose their will.

Ironically, Campbell's record on federal spending is viewed as atrocious among some of his fellow Irvine Republicans, who were frustrated that the congressman voted for TARP, the auto industry bailout and the cash for clunkers program.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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