Red County Nearly Turns Blue!

. . . and if that happened, would the righty Red County blog have to change its name?

Final election results from OC:

PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT Completed Precincts: 2109 of 2109 Vote Count Percentage JOHN MCCAIN / SARAH PALIN (REP) 430,360 50.8% BARACK OBAMA / JOE BIDEN (DEM) 401,605 47.4% BOB BARR / WAYNE A. ROOT (LIB) 5,884 0.7% RALPH NADER / MATT GONZALEZ (P-F) 5,470 0.6% ALAN KEYES / WILEY S. DRAKE, SR. (AI) 2,672 0.3% CYNTHIA MCKINNEY / ROSA CLEMENTE (GRN) 1,720 0.2%

McCain/Palin only won the county by 29,000 votes. For this former Republican stronghold we live in, that's pretty huge (or small, whatevs). Could the Dems actually win OC come 2012?

Also noted: the ticket of Alan Keyes and Buena Park preacher Wiley Drake, they of the Batshit Crazy Party ('scuse, "American Independent") garnered a mere 2,672 votes here, enough to fill a couple of theaters at your local multiplex. Orange County Register employees, meet your key demographic!


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