Real Housewives of Orange County: Nothing to Laugh At?


The Real Housewives of Orange County premiered premieres for a fourth season last night tonight, a cause for joy among those who find trashy pleasure in the unreal reality series. But the New York Post's David Hinkley wonders whether the show is just not funny amid these financially crappy times.

It could provide an even more valuable escape than ever, a way for the viewer to forget that stack of bills for an hour and enjoy the absurdity of people who debate whether to equip their new 52-foot yacht with satellite TV. Or it could not be so funny anymore.

Based on last night tonight's premiere, Hinkley chose chooses the latter, although he did anticipates viewers finding humor when RHOC vet Jeana Keogh asks newcomer Gretchen Rossi if her breasts are real.

They have a touch-and-tell session in which Jeana explains that no one's are real in Orange County, darling.

Hey, mine are!


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