Raul Rios: Stupid Criminal of the Day!

Orange County parolee Raul Moreno Rios robbed at least eight Anaheim, Santa Ana and Fullerton taco trucks during a two-month period in late 2008.

Crime apparently came naturally to Rios, a veteran robber, burglar and kidnapper.

In 34 years, he compiled a criminal history that took 21 pages to describe.

But the massive length of Rios' rap sheet also demonstrated that he wasn't very good at avoiding detection and capture.

So how did he win "Stupid Criminal of the Day" honors?

During one of the taco truck robberies, he stole the vendor's cell phone and . . . wait for it . . . took it to the Anaheim apartment he shared with girlfriend/accomplice Angela Christina Cordoso and used it.

Police detectives arrived shortly thereafter.

In Judge James Edward Rogan's court, the Orange County District Attorney's office had no problem winning a jury conviction in 2010.

Rios appealed, claiming that he had invoked his right to an attorney before questioning and that his post-arrest statements to police should have been excluded from his trial.

This week a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana determined that Rios invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege.

But, according to justices Kathleen O'Leary, William Bedsworth and Richard Aronson, Rios waived the constitutional right by continuing to talk to police after invoking his demand for a defense attorney.

Two incredibly stupid criminal mistakes helped he win another trip to a California prison.

Rios now has a whopping 596 months of confinement to figure out his errors.

(Cordoso, his girlfriend, got a four-year prison sentence.)

R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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