Rare Killer Whale Sighting Off Dana Point

Dana Wharf posted the video above of a rare sight: killer whales feeding and frolicking off our coast.

Coming through.
Coming through.
Dana Wharf

The Orcas were taped during a whale-watching excursion Tuesday.

On the video, a woman is heard asking a crew member if he has ever seen anything like this before.

"No," he answers.

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Those aboard the boat out of Dana Point are unsure whether the whale family was feeding on a large sea lion or small elephant seal.

Whatever it was, it spewed a lot of blood (which, fortunately, we don't see in the video).

"Although sightings of Orcas in Southern California are rare, eight have been noted in the last two months from LA to OC," Dana Wharf reports.

When it comes to amazing sights from Dana Wharf boats, the Orcas now move ahead of the 43-pound California Halibut 34-year-old Bill Kampf caught on his May birthday aboard the Dana Pride off San Clemente.

Check out the trips Dana Wharf offers by visiting danawharf.com or calling (949) 496-5794.

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