Randal Jon Rose, Accused of Shooting Deputy with BB Gun, May be Luckiest Man Alive

The amazing part of the story is not that Randal Jon Rose had the temerity to (allegedly) point a black BB gun at sheriff's deputies. Or, after being zapped by a Taser gun, that he (allegedly) fired his gun, striking a deputy. Or, that he had to be Tased one more time before being taken into custody.

No, the shocker here is Randal Jon Rose is alive to tell the tale.

I mean, come on, haven't suspects done a lot less to Orange County law enforcement officers, gotten their asses taken out and had the cop-involved shootings ruled justifiable?

Randal Jon Rose, facing charges and lucky to be alive.
Randal Jon Rose, facing charges and lucky to be alive.
Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department

Anyways, Rose, 46, of Laguna Hills, was arraigned in Santa Ana today on three felony counts of resisting and deterring an executive officer by force and one misdemeanor count each of brandishing an imitation firearm, assault on a peace officer, and battery on an officer.

If convicted, he could get up to three years in state prison.

Deputies went to Rose's Laguna Hills home around 9 a.m. Thursday to serve an eviction notice, but when they knocked on the door no one answered. After a locksmith failed to unlock a back door, deputies broke a window to a spare bedroom and got into the home.

According to the incident report, Rose was kneeling in his living room and pointing a black BB gun at the deputies as they entered the hallway. Believing it was an actual bullets-a-blazing firearm, deputies ordered Rose to drop the weapon, but he allegedly refused.

It was at that moment Rose was first Tased by a deputy. Instead of giving up, he allegedly fired his BB gun, striking the hand of a deputy. He was taken into custody after being Tased a second time.


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