Patricia Rosario Casas Drives Away With Jail, Probation, Restitution for $106 DMV Thefts

All things considered, Patricia Rosario Casas made a good call pleading guilty to stealing money from DMV customers at her counter in Westminster. Looking at 11 years in state prison with a conviction without a guilty plea, the Anaheim 44-year-old copped to four felony counts of computer access and fraud and four misdemeanor counts of petty theft. Her sentence: 90 days in jail that she can possibly serve as community service as directed by the county probation department.

Serving the community somewhere other than a DMV counter, presumably.

Casas on four occasions between July 28, 2010, and Feb. 15, 2011, accepted cash payments from customers for services but entered "no fee transaction" in the Westminster DMV computer system. Her total take: $106.

On that final date, a customer who became upset over not receiving change contacted Casas' supervisor. The case was reported to the California DMV Investigations Division, which arrested Casas after an investigation.

Patricia Rosario Casas Faces 11 Years in Prison for $106 in DMV Thefts

Besides the jail (or community service) time, she received three years of formal probation and an order to pay restitution.

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