Pastor Terry Jones Brings Koran-Burning Fury to OC

Controversial Florida Pastor

Terry Jones

, who was blamed for unrest in Afghanistan after publicly burning the Koran, was in Santa Ana today.

The Gainesville, Fla., preacher reportedly arrived last night to take part in today's taping of a segment on Truth TV, an Arabic-language Christian network.

Due to security concerns, the program was reportedly recorded away from the network's Santa Ana studio.

On March 20, Jones led his church in a mock trial of Islamic prophet Muhammad before exacting punishment: torching the Koran. Jones said he wanted to draw attention to radical Islam. He certainly got the attention of radical Islam as about 20 people, including seven United Nations workers, were killed in rioting in Afghanistan that followed preacher's stunt..

Arriving at LAX last night, Jones told Fox11 News that he has received 400 death threats and a "reward out on my head for $2.4 million" from Hezbollah.

Santa Ana police were warned of Jones' visit, but the agency reportedly employed no special tactics for the pastor, who plans to leave California for Dearborn, Mich., and a demonstration outside the nation's largest mosque.


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