Oscar de la Hoya=Vendido

I never thought East LA boxer Oscar de la Hoya was a sellout like so many other wabs—not after he beat Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez, not after he recorded a fruity music album, not after he supposedly wore fishnet stockings, not after his career as a pugilist proved more unfulfilled promise than actual accomplishments (forget the various world titles—the guy's boxing style is softer than pudding). But now, after all these years defending the poor sap, the guy can go to la fregada.

This Wednesday, de la Hoya will be in the county signing copies of his latest book, American Son. But instead of being a good man and appearing at legendary Libreria Martinez in SanTana, the idiot is having it at Barnes & Noble in Huntington Beach's reprehensible Bella Terra Shopping Center. Nothing against the good folks at Barnes & Noble, but Libreria Martinez needs as many sales as possible, while Barnes & Noble has more money than Mammon. And it's not like his handlers aren't aware about Latino book organizations. Yesterday, de la Hoya spoke in Houston at a Barnes & Noble event sponsored by the awesome organization, Nuestra Palabra, devoted to promoting Latino literacy. Any Latino author who passes through Houston (including your humble wab) is smart enough to connect with them, just like any Latino author with a brain does the same with Libreria Martinez. Guess all those punches Bernard Hopkins landed on your cranium made you think stupid, eh Oscar?


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