Orly Taitz to Court: Either Allow Ban on Gay Wedding Cakes or Reinstate Duck Dynasty Star

Orly Taitz to Court: Either Allow Ban on Gay Wedding Cakes or Reinstate Duck Dynasty Star

Orly Taitz, proving to be the holiday gift that keeps on giving, has now stuck her Russian-American nose into the Duck Dynasty controversy, firing off a letter to a Denver, Colorado, court demanding reversals of either the A&E cable network's sanctions against a series star or its own judge's ruling that a baker must bake wedding cakes for gay couples.

Um ... at least there is no mention of President Obama being a foreigner in this complaint.

Actually, this is bizarre territory even for the Bizarro World inhabited by the Rancho Santa Margarita-based attorney/dentist/real estate saleslady/Queen of the Birfers.

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To set it up, you need to know that Denver Administrative Court Judge Robert N. Spencer recently ruled that baker Jack Phillips and his bakery Masterpiece Cake Shop would face sanctions if he continued to discriminate against gay couples who order wedding cakes.

If you didn't hear about that case, you no doubt have heard the story that managed to even supplant the annual whiny coverage of the fictional War on Christmas (brought to you this year by Monsanto): A&E placing Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson on hiatus because of comments he made in a GQ interview about African Americans and gay people.

As reported on OrlyTaitzEsq.com, those two incidents--which I'll go out on a limb to note appear to be totally unrelated save for the gay bias--led to Taitz's letter that she considers a filing of a Complaint of Reverse Discrimination with the Administrative Court in Denver.

Taitz, explaining she is complaining not as an attorney but as president of the Defend Our Freedoms Foundation (that is also based at her Rancho Santa Margarita office address), reasons that Phillips informed Judge Spencer that compelling him to bake wedding cakes for gay couples goes against his religious beliefs and violates his First Amendment freedom of speech and religion rights.

Likewise, she continues, Robertson stated in his interview that he is a born again Christian and his Christian faith finds the homosexual lifestyle to be a sin. (Sidebar: What about the African American lifestyle? Those defending Robertson conveniently sidestep those remarks.)

Anyhoots, since Spencer found Phillips would be guilty of discrimination if he did not bake cakes for gay couples, it stands to reason in Orly World that A&E is guilty of reverse discrimination by keeping Robertson off camera temporarily. Taitz claims to represent tons of Duck Dynasty fans in Colorado, making one wonder how many have even heard of Ze Looze Cannon.

Her coarse, er, course of action for the Denver court:

a. Either revoke/rescind/reverse prior decision by Judge Robert N. Spencer and Masterpiece Cake shop, finding that individuals and small businesses not using governmental funds and not enjoying non-profit status reserve the right to refuse business to anyone. Or alternatively:

b. Find that A and E Network is engaged in discrimination against heterosexuals in favor of homosexuals, engaged in discrimination of religious people, particularly Christians, in favor of godless atheists and order A-E cease and desist such discrimination and stop suspension of Phil Robertson from the Duck Dynasty show, so that heterosexuals and religious citizens of the state of Colorado will not be deprived of the show that they used to enjoy or face penalties.

If the chief judge does not ensure one or the other is done, Taitz warns, that Court and the state of Colorado will be subject to "a legal action" based on violations of federal law and the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. "The state of Colorado?" But aren't some of them the Duck Dynasty fans Taitz says she's reppin'?

That sound you're hearing from the direction of Colorado is the collective shaking of a judicial system's knees, while the wind-whipped noise coming from Rancho Santa Margarita is the air spinning the windmill in Orly Taitz's mind.

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