Orly Taitz Booted From California Court of Appeal in Election Fraud Case

The Orange County dentist leading the fight to expose President Barack Obama as an African who is secretly funding Arab terrorists and ordered someone to scratch her vehicle can add a new group of people conspiring against her.

This week, a three-justice panel at the California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana considered and--how can I put this politely?--trashed Orly Taitz's complaint that her Republican campaign for California secretary of state in 2010 was thwarted by a secret Democratic plot.

Superior Court Judge Geoffrey T. Glass had previously determined that Taitz's complaints against Damon Dunn, her GOP primary opponent, were invalid.

But, as is her MO when she files crazy, incoherent lawsuits and loses, Taitz refused to quit.

She continues to argue that Dunn, a former National Football League player who defeated her for the nomination and ultimately lost to Democrat Debra Bowen, shouldn't have been allowed to run as a Republican because years earlier in other states he'd registered as a Democrat.

Like Glass, the appellate court determined that Dunn had complied with candidacy requirements and that Taitz's complaint was a legal mess unworthy of serious consideration.

They said Dunn had no obligation to list his expired, out-of-state party registration affiliations on his 2010 candidacy papers in the secretary of state race.

Dunn, an energetic speaker known to brutally ridicule Obama and Democrats, will recover his court costs fighting the appeal, the justices stated.

Taitz is presently running for the Republican nomination to challenge incumbent U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein.

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