Orange County DREAM Team Protests Outside Meg Whitman's Santa Ana Offices Over Whitman's Anti-Undocumented College Student Stance

Meg Whitman

can down all the tequila shots with vendidos

that she wants, but the fact is that the Republican gubernatorial candidate's name is mud with most any Latino voter in California. Her alliance with former California governor Pete Wilson might've played well with the CCIR crowd but antagonized the Aztlanistas, and the emergance of her former maid? HA! Now, her sneering dismissal of a Fresno State undergrad who happens to be undocumented has now galvanized advocates of the DREAM Act, including OC's own higher-ed hell-raisers, the

Orange County Dream Team


Yesterday, about 20 OC Dreamers and their supporters protested outside Whitman's SanTana offices for her opinion that no undocumented college student should attend a UC or Cal State school, regardless of whether they can pay tuition or not. I think it was the

third such protest

outside Nutmeg's Fourth Street storefront, and OC Dream Team co-chair Vanessa Castillo told the


it was successful. "Meg's Santa Ana office, was closed, with a sign on the door that said the office was closed because her people were out precinct walking," Castillo said, which is probably a crock because that office always seems to be either closed or empty.

The only controversy came when a SanTana police officer came to warn them that Fourth Street merchants said they were too loud--a curious statement, Castillo says, because they approached nearly all the stores in the area to hand out fliers and "the merchants, their employees and customers, were approaching us and thanking us for being there."

"After the protest, many of us, went for lunch and discussed how just days ago, during Clinton's visit to SanTana, the majority (if not all) of our elected officials were present," Castillo added.  "This is our second protest to Whitman's SanTana office and have not seen any of our officials present...we all agreed how Whitman is someone who does not care about our community, our students and none of our officials are doing anything in response."

Are you listening, SanTana Mayor Don Papi Pulido? Or even opponent Alfredo Amezcua, for that matter...


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