A guest house comes with the No. 1 coolest beach house.
A guest house comes with the No. 1 coolest beach house.
McMonigle Group

Orange County Boasts 3 of the Top 10 Coolest Beach Houses For Sale

Top Ten Real Estate, which each week posts the top 10 real estate deals in the U.S., has branched out in light of the foul weather pummeling the rest of the country to compile what's promised to be a totally independent list of the Top 10 Coolest Beach Houses For Sale. Three are in Orange County, including the No. 1 placeholder.

Top Ten claims to have scoured hundreds of websites and chatted up hundreds of real estate agents to compile its list.

"Even sun haters know that a great beach home should be right on the ocean--not on a lake, an inlet, or a river," claims the site. "It should be very modern with lots of glass and light. The convergence of ocean, beach and home should kick your summertime mojo into high gear."

It'll certainly kick your banker's ass. At No. 1 is a 5-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom, 10,000-square-foot pad at 1510 East Oceanfront, Newport Beach, that McMonigle Group has listed at a cool $19.5 million. The property includes a spa, pool, cabana, saltwater aquarium, outdoor bar and kitchen and second 2-bedroom, 3-bath guest house to stuff that little juvie from Chino your defense lawyer husband brings home.

"Featured in several magazines, this dazzling masterpiece was designed by Michael Kollin and constructed to feature the ocean, beach and an eclectic art collection," reports Top Ten. ". . . If we lived here, we would never leave home."

And you'd never blog silly top 10 lists, either.

"Classic California" comes in at No. 6.
"Classic California" comes in at No. 6.
Stanaland Group

At No. 6--and costing a measly $17,995,000--is an "elegant contemporary home" at 3 Camel Point Drive, Laguna Beach, that is "

Rounding out Top Ten's top 10 list is a $21.5 million charmer at 2555 Altamar Drive, Laguna Beach.

"Catch the surf or some rays on the beach in this ultra-modern home located on one of the most gorgeous stretches of beach in the world," orders Top Ten. "Sculptural forms, disappearing walls of glass, and graceful arcing lines make this 5 bedroom, 6 bath home a jaw-dropping California dream home."

My draw would drop having to clean all those toilets. HOM Real Estate Group will take your bid.


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