One Orange County UFO Possibly Explained, a Second Not So Much

The jury is still out on a mysterious orb that lit up the night sky over Huntington Beach Sept. 23, but some folks in Aliso Viejo are taking credit for a second encounter observed by someone in Santa Ana Thanksgiving morning.

Find out what the several glowing yellow and orange orbs that moved toward the ocean are believed to have been after the jump ...

Here's the full report submitted a day later to the Mutal Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON):

Saw several glowing orbs that I thought might be flares or something but they were traveling against the wind flow toward the ocean. They were way too yellow and orange to be a plane. Although I did see a plane in same area moving the same direction toward LAX. One by one they started to disappear. Very strange.

An obviously amused someone posted this photo in the comments on ...

One Orange County UFO Possibly Explained, a Second Not So Much
UFO Stalker

... as well as this message on

I think you will enjoy this...My family in Cali released in the night sky lit up balloons yesterday symbolizing what they were thankful for & it gets reported in the news as possible UFO invasion!

But no one has stepped forward to take credit for the Sept. 23 Surf City sighting--which comes complete with video!

Details: A mysterious glowing orb moves through the sky intelligently and clearly moves at directions it wishes, the object was spotted by someone who caught it passing overhead so he grabbed his phone and recorded the glowing orb.

This one also comes with a warning of "strong adult language due to the shock of the sighting!!!"

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