Octomom Nadya Suleman and Her Brood Move into Palmdale Home; No, the Other One

Yesterday's thrilling post on Nadya Suleman's shamed fertility doctor having problems getting a medical license in Ohio--Facebook liked by a whopping 4 of you--ended with the hope that Octomom is not still in Orange County.

Reports apparently spread while I was away recently that Natalie's deal to rent a home in Palmdale, necessitated after being foreclosed out of La Habra, fell through. But both I and me are pleased to learn that she and her brood have reportedly moved into a second Palmdale home, which should end our Octomerding. Pretty please?

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Make my millennium, oh, The Hollywood Gossip:

Sunday, Octomom packed up her 14 kids to a new 5,000-square-foot home in Palmdale, Calif. Goodbye, foreclosure, hello new rental property with indoor plumbing.

It's a done deal now. Thanks to the Octomom porn proceeds, she should be able to make the $2500/month rent, even with more than a dozen mouths to feed.

Fears her original, would-be landlord in Palmdale was "jerking her around" prompted the single, unemployed mother of 14 to look elsewhere, sayeth the site.

And so, after battering the bat shit crazy mess around the Madonna Lane block for months--nay--YEARS, let us be the first to offer our sincerest congratulations . . .

. . . to her former neighbors in La Habra.

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