Occupy Orange County to Stand with Los Angeles, Clock is Ticking

​Occupy protesters don't have to go home, but they can't stay at Los Angeles City Hall all year. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa feels the group has made its point, now it's time to move along. Speaking alongside LAPD police Chief Charlie Beck at a Friday press conference, Villaraigosa announced that Occupy protesters, who have been camped around City Hall since October 2, will have to vacate the area at 12:01 a.m. Monday morning.

 The duo declined to divulge whether they were vulcanizing stocks of rubber bullets in anticipation of civil disobedience, but the message was clear, kick rocks protesters. Occupy Orange County has announced via its Facebook page that it will not be holding its usual Sunday night General Assembly as members trek north to stand in solidarity with their Los Angeles brethren, some of whom intend to defy the city's eviction order. 

Though Los Angeles city officials said there won't be a mass raid first thing in the morning, after 12:01, police have the ability to enforce the law. Can Los Angeles expect violent clashes à la Oakland? We'll be watching. So should you.

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