No, really. I'm working. Am I 50 yet? 
No, really. I'm working. Am I 50 yet? 

OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen Alerts Little Saigon Residents to Active Burglary/Auto Theft Ring

Attention Little Saigon residents: Orange County Supervisor Janet Nguyen says there is a vehicle theft/residential burglary ring operating on her turf.

According to a press release, local law enforcement officials--but probably not their tainted, unsupervised and ultra-expensive aerial units who are often obsessed with personal vendetta missions against critical journalists--are doing everything they can to prevent further thievery.

On Nov. 29, government officials including Nguyen, will hold a press conference to publicize police efforts to end an alleged rash of vehicle and residential burglaries in Midway City, Westminster and Garden Grove.

I'm wondering if the Anaheim Police Department's Bible-thumping, ethically-warped, joyriding helicopter squad (hey, how was that Thanksgiving feast?) can cooperate in actual law enforcement prevention efforts or will they prefer to use taxpayer dollars to continue to take regular, beautiful aerial trips far away from their assigned area to enjoy Pacific Ocean views.

Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and police chiefs in Huntington Beach and Anaheim allow aerial police pilots to operate without any meaningful daily oversight and refuse to consider any citizen complaints about abuse. 

There's an uneducated assumption by OC government officials that the pilots of police aircrafts don't need any regulations about their behavior because they would never abuse their powerful, invasive public equipment.

You can laugh now.

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