OC Register to Publish Newspaper of Pedophile-Friendly Organization (aka Diocese of Orange)

Has Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner's push to be journalism's Jesus gone to his head to the point where he now actually thinks he's every newspaper's Nazarene, the media Messiah, the copy Christ (okay: no more alliterations)? Apparently so: earlier this month, it was announced that the throwaway magazine arm of Freedom Communications, Churm Media, will publish the official newspaper of the Diocese of Orange, Orange County Catholic, starting next month.

Cool! So Kushner has no problem printing the paper of an organization that protected pedophile priests for decades, who's still trying to screw over sex-abuse victims, and who still employs John Urell, a pedophile protector that should've been cast into Gehenna long ago. REAL positive journalism there!

The official blurbage claims Churm will only "oversee the newspaper's design, printing, ad sales and distribution while the diocese and the Orange County Catholic editorial team will oversee development of the content," which we all know is a crock since the report also sneaked in the nebulous line that "the Churm group also will oversee expansion of the newspaper from its current once-a-month publication to a weekly publication"--code for "We're putting on kid gloves with the Diocese since they're going to pay us mucho dinero to print their rag."

How long until Freedom announces they're publishing the newsletter for NAMBLA?

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